Omega Fatty Acids: Help for Heart, Mind, and Body

26 November 2020

Omega Fatty Acids: Help for Heart, Mind, and Body

Our award-winning Omega Health supplement makes it easy to ensure that you and every member of your family gets the recommended daily allowance of omega fatty acids they need. Each plant-based capsule offers a balance of all three omegas (Omega-3, -6, and -9) that are naturally occurring in black currant seeds. A particularly rich source of omegas, black currants have been used since medieval times as a remedy for joint pain, immune system support, and to support healthy growth in children.


Give the heart, mind, and body of every member of your family the support they need to live each day to its fullest with this simple, healthy, and naturally balanced source of omegas right at your fingertips.


Why Omegas Matter

Omegas, a.k.a. omega fatty acids are integral to our health but can be hard to find, according to a recent article in Metropol Magazine. These friendly unsaturated fats, particularly Omega-3, -6, and -9, have proven to be a wealth of effectiveness when it comes to your health. Everyone from children to older adults find that omegas help with cognitive function, joint health, cardiovascular strength, and even anxiety reduction. Omega-3s, for example, support cardiovascular health and reinforce immune cells among other positive effects. Omega-6s provide energy, and Omega-9s can help decrease inflammation and increase insulin sensitivity.


Sustainable Health from Plant-based Omegas

Even though omegas are vital to our health, the human body doesn’t produce them on its own. We can only get them from eating omega-rich foods like black currant oil or fish, such as salmon. Research shows that black currant oil is safe for everyone from children to seniors to take on a daily basis to support healthy growth, immune system health, heart health, and nourish skin. It’s also important to note that while black currant oil is a uniquely rich source of all three omegas, it is also environmentally sustainable. Sourced from plants rather than fish, our Omega Health supplement is good for you and for the planet.


Omega Obstacles

Even though sourcing omegas from food is deliciously wonderful, it can be challenging. Yet, eating enough of these omega-rich foods is still a challenge. The World Health Organization reports that only 20-percent of the world’s population gets the recommended daily allowance of 250mg of these important nutrients.


At first glance, it seems it should be simple to eat enough omegas – nuts, soybeans, and olive oil are all great sources – but it still proves tricky. It’s also important to note that too much of one kind of omega may present difficulties of its own. Some researchers suspect that too much omega-6 (the kind we get from oils) may increase cardiovascular risks unless balanced with Omega-3s. Those on restricted diets or with food allergies may find eating enough of these foods a challenge or tracking intake amounts nearly impossible. Add to that busy schedules, availability of ingredients, and ease of consumption (a handful of cashews vs. a slab of salmon) can all present hurdles to getting the nutrition you and your family need.


Black Currants for Better Health

Our Omega Health supplement is an important support to the health of your family, and but the nutritional value of black currants is a mine of important nutrients that can make a real difference in every aspect of your life. 


See our full range of supplements to learn more about how black currants can best support the health of you and your family.

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