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VitalityNZ was born out of a passion for everything blackcurrants.

We extract the goodness from each delicious berry, package it into a neat capsule, and share our vitamin supplements with the world – enriching people’s lives.

Kiwi Qualities,
High Standards

New Zealand is fondly known for the taste, colour, and quality of its food, coupled with the natural beauty of its pristine environment.

At Vitality™ New Zealand, we wish to carry these Kiwi qualities to the world, through our products.

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Who are we?

Fifty years ago, there was no VitalityNZ – just Jim and David, two Kiwi farmers with a deep understanding of blackcurrants. With over 80 years of combined experience and a passion for plant-based nutrition, the next step was an obvious one.  

Together, they made a formidable team. David was a second-generation blackcurrant farmer and a pioneer in the blackcurrant extract business. Jim was the inaugural president of the International Blackcurrant Association and today, a board member of Blackcurrant New Zealand. You could say blackcurrants are in their blood!

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During their many years in the industry, they witnessed the remarkable benefits of blackcurrants first-hand in their family and friends, who ate them regularly. This led them on a quest to discover the healing properties of these delicious and highly nutritious berries.

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The natural health benefits of anthocyanins, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids in blackcurrants are well known in several countries around the world. To complete their family of groundbreaking supplements, Jim and David went on to innovate a variety of other wellness products powered by nutritious blackcurrants.

Ongoing trials continue to provide scientific evidence that our products are effective, with several papers published recently and more to be published in coming years. In addition to this, our customers speak glowingly of our products. They are happy to tell others of the benefits of the seen and they keep coming back for more.

We know we're onto something special. Our shared vision is to bring the unique and powerful health benefits of blackcurrants to the world by providing a naturally grown, scientifically proven, plant-based product that can enhance your life.

Natural and Unmodified


By sourcing crops grown in New Zealand, we can guarantee the high quality of our products through a comprehensive track-and-trace software package. These processes contribute to the health and wellness of our consumers.


All our supplement products have been approved and certified by the rigorous Certification of Analysis testing regimes. Vitamins and nutrients from international sources are included.

GMO Free
GMO Free

Non-Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) are a bottom-line requirement for Vitality™ New Zealand products. To ensure this, we have investigated all plant breeding traits to ensure our products are GMO free.

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