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Why are there 7 supplements all made from the same blackcurrant berry?

Each product in our family of supplements contains specific ingredients that target major health issues. Each product contains one or more elements of the blackcurrant fruit (skin extract, seed oil or blackcurrant concentrate) which is then combined with ingredients known to support a healthy mind and body.

Here are some examples of how our different supplements use different parts of the blackcurrant berries:

Eye Health
Muscle & Joint Support
Gut Health
Women’s Wellness
Immunity Support
Liver Support

Other product questions:

Are your supplements safe to take with other medication?
Do your supplements have an aftertaste?
Why aren’t all your supplements vegan?
Can these supplements be taken with a Keto diet?
Are all your products made in NZ?
Can children take these supplements?
How many capsules should I take per day?
Should your supplements be taken with food?

General questions:

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