NZ Blackcurrants May Be the Key to More Powerful Workouts: Here’s Why

27 January 2021

Exercise and working out are key components in the maintenance of our physical and mental health. Exercise makes us feel stronger physically and mentally as well as more confident. Whether training for your first Iron Man Competition or your first 5k, a good workout is key.


What is a good workout?

Good workouts have many different aspects: efficiency; variation of movement to target different muscle groups; stretching to limber up; pushing your muscles and mind to their limit; and stretching to cool down. A good night’s sleep, drinking plenty of water, and a regular workout schedule can also take your workout to the next level.


But so can one more thing: blackcurrants. Our Active Health supplement may be the best new gym pal you ever wanted.



Blackcurrants are naturally high in antioxidants, which help your body fight off free radicals, naturally occurring elements that, if in too high of a number, can damage cells. This damage can take the form of cancer, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes, among others. Antioxidants fight them off.



Anthocyanins, the natural pigments that give blackcurrants their dark, nearly black hue, are also a form of antioxidant. However, what sets those from blackcurrants apart from others is their amount. Blackcurrants contain three to four more times the anthocyanin than blueberries and strawberries. Research shows that these amounts of anthocyanins have a powerful effect, especially for those who love sports or working out. By reducing inflammation, anthocyanins help you naturally recover faster and leave you less sore the next day.


Lactate Reduction

Blackcurrants help improve your performance by reducing the amount of lactate your muscles produce when working out. Normally, your body produces energy aerobically, meaning that it uses oxygen to generate energy to do everything from breathing to standing up to walking. However, when you work out – lifting heavy weights or going for a run – you require more energy than your body can make using oxygen. In that situation, your body switches gears and starts producing energy anaerobically or without oxygen. To do this, it turns to lactate to break glucose down into energy to keep the pedals turning or your feet moving down the basketball court. (It’s the burning sensation you feel when you sprint the last few meters to the end of the pool or when you race your friend to the top of the mountain.)


Blackcurrants, with their high levels of anthocyanins, improve blood flow by up to 35%, which results in increased oxygen uptake and utilization during exercise. That means less lactate and less soreness, but maybe more importantly, it also means less fatigued muscles and a better performance.


Fat Burners

Blackcurrants help oxidize fat, which means that athletes from the amateur to the Olympian can build more muscle and strength with their workouts.  The only extra weight you need to carry around is the set you use for getting ready for your rugby match or upcoming surfing competition.


Blackcurrants can play an important role in making your workout and lifestyle better than ever. Whether it’s a long trek, a swim competition, or just trying to increase your running distance, Active Health can up your game.

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