Immunity Matters: Vitamins C and D and COVID-19 Relief

12 November 2020

The vital relationship between Vitamin C and immune system health is something scientists have long understood. However, a recent study from Otago University in New Zealand and published in the journal Nutrients reveals that Vitamin C may also be an important aid in the battle against COVID-19.


Research conducted at Otago University and in conjunction with other efforts in the United States, China, and Spain found that those with the most severe cases of COVID-19 all entered the hospital with serious Vitamin C deficiencies. After doctors administered Vitamin C intravenously and in large doses, they found that it helped alleviate symptoms and aided in recovery. While medical professionals are careful to state that this is not a cure and that larger studies are still needed, they remain cautiously optimistic. This procedure is one they hope will continue to be part of the treatment plan for the virus, and that by tapping into Vitamin C’s inherent qualities, they will also gain a deeper understanding of its role and effects. Some researchers also suggest eating fruits and vegetables rich in Vitamin C or making supplements like Immunity Health part of your daily routine may also give you a helpful boost.


How Vitamin C Helps Your Immune System

Decades of research have revealed that Vitamin C alleviates symptoms of the common cold and may also have a positive impact on other illnesses such as cancer, the flu, and other infections. Fruits, such as blackcurrants, are packed with more Vitamin C than citrus, which is why people have turned to these remedies for centuries without necessarily knowing why. Scientists now understand that Vitamin C  aids your immune system in two ways. It helps the body mount a defensive response when a problem is detected. It also sustains and reinforces that defense while your immune systems does battle with the problem.


What’s more, Vitamin C also plays a pivotal role in shielding your body against excessive damage by the illness or infection. For example, it can reduce the occurrence of organ damage from illnesses such as sepsis, and in the case of respiratory illnesses, such as pneumonia, Vitamin C strives to reduce inflammation of lung tissue. This, in turn, reduces possible long-term negative effects such illnesses can have. Harnessing the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory characteristics of Vitamin C is a natural way to support your immune system and overall health. This, in turn, can keep illness at bay or, at the very least, help minimize its effect on the body.


Why Extra Vitamin C Matters

During illness, the body uses its stores of Vitamin C at a rapid rate in order to fight off infection. Giving your body and immune system an extra supply can reduce the severity and duration of an illness. Regular intake of Vitamin C along with Vitamin D, and Zinc reinforces your immune system and can increase your resilience for cold and flu season and even beyond.


Vitamin C and Vitamin D Work Together

Increasing immune system resilience is always a good idea, but giving your body extra support is particularly relevant these days. Blackcurrants naturally possess vital immune system aids – Vitamins C and D  – making them an integral part of home health care for centuries. Like Vitamin C, Vitamin D helps fight infection and reduce inflammation. Normally, a nutrient we receive from sunlight through our skin, adding it as a supplement can be another pivotal support for immune systems as people stay indoors more to avoid exposure to COVID-19. In addition, winter’s shorter days also mean less exposure to natural sunlight and lower levels of Vitamin D. Research shows that lower levels of Vitamin D in adults can mean a greater occurrence of coughs, colds, or an upper respiratory tract infection.


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