A Green Choice for Health: Why our Supplements are a Top Choice for Eco-Conscious Health

03 September 2020

At Vitality Wellness, we take great pride in our line of health-transforming supplements – not just for their high effectiveness, but also because their environmental impact is minimal. This means our customers can rest assured that with every purchase, no harm is being done to the planet. Our plant-based supplements are not just taken from nature, they're kind to nature as well. Here's how:

A Reliable Source of EFAs for Non-Meat Eaters

Some of our dietary supplements provide a plant-based source of nutrients that are perfect for people on a vegan or vegetarian diet. Prime among these is Omega Health, which is rich with Omega Fatty Acids, an Essential Nutrient usually consumed through fish. With Omega Health, vegans and vegetarians can nourish themselves with Omega Fatty Acids without eating any animal products. This boost of nutrients is essential for all health-conscious individuals following a vegan or vegetarian diet.

From Sustainably Grown Plants

All Vitality products are sourced from blackcurrant plants that are sustainably grown. This means there is no negative impact on the surrounding environment. A high-tech irrigation system ensures that not a single drop of water is wasted, and furthermore, all our farms hold GrowSafe certification from Horticulture NZ. This internationally-recognised certification serves as further proof that we take our responsibility to the planet and our customers very seriously.

The Cleanest Method for Growing Blackcurrants

Over the past 40 years, New Zealand has led the way for cleaner methods of growing blackcurrant plants. Nowhere else in the world are these berries grown in such a clean manner. At our farms, a minimum number of interventions are used, ensuring our blackcurrant berries are clean and residue-free.

A Non-GMO Plant-Breeding Program

Our crops benefit from a plant-breeding program that improves their resistance to pests and diseases while also guaranteeing high juice quality (with higher levels of antioxidants and vitamins), more abundant yields, and plants that are adapted to the challenges of global warming. This breeding program does not involve genetic engineering or modification. Through conventional plant-breeding practices, our plants are nurtured to be more resilient and their beneficial properties greatly elevated.

Full Transparency with our Electronic Track-and-Trace Software

Vitality Wellness uses cutting-edge technology to help us grow and manage all our blackcurrant crops effectively. In addition to plant-breeding traits, CurrantBase recognises other crop characteristics, such as where the fruit was harvested, what agronomic practices were used, grower and buyer details, and much more. By tracking our blackcurrant plants, we can ensure that our berries meet all the necessary requirements to make our products the best they can possibly be.

Browse the full range of Vitality Wellness supplements here for a green solution to brain and body health.

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