What is cGP and Why It Should Matter To You

24 February 2021

An almost never-heard-of before hormone, cyclic Glycine Proline (cGP), may hold the key to long-term health and wellness. Normally only produced by the human body at the end of a string of processes, cGP helps regulate cell and tissue growth. Blackcurrants, the only known natural source of cGP outside of the human body, are a delicious and natural source of this vital aid. While it may be tempting to shrug off this tiny nutrient, here’s why you should make sure your body has a ready supply.


What Does cGP Do?

cGP stands for cyclic Glycine Proline. This little, recently discovered, hormone, normally produced by the liver, helps regulate another little known hormone, IGF-1 or Insulin-like Growth Factor-1. Together, they have a few different tasks, chief among them regulating tissue development and the normal growth of bones.


cGP also helps our bodies create new cells as we grow from children to adults. As our bodies grow and change, cGP helps ensure make steady and healthy progress. It is particularly important for the development and creation of brain cells. When we are older, cGP also helps the body replace old and worn-out cells. However, sometimes our bodies don’t produce enough. Age, nutrition, or illness can inhibit the natural production process leaving us a little more tired or a little more forgetful.


Different Levels of cGP Have Different Effects


New research is gradually uncovering the various roles that cGP plays in our bodies, from our brains to our moods to vital gut bacteria. At the same time, scientists are learning that low levels of cGP often coincide with the occurrence of Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s, and even Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnoses. Increasing those levels then can help alleviate the effects and symptoms of some of these illnesses by stimulating positive cell growth in the brain. Even though further research is needed, scientists suspect that increased cGP may even help reverse them. The possibilities and potential seem endless.


Naturally Supplementing cGP for Positive Change

While we can’t necessarily force our bodies to produce more, it is possible to supplement cGP to help raise its levels and reap the benefits. New and ongoing research also shows that those who supplement their diets with blackcurrants and supplements made from blackcurrants have enjoyed increased cGP levels. From young children to senior citizens, those increased levels resulted in improved cognitive activity and mood stabilization.


Future Prospects

Our bodies and brains are ever-changing and developing. They also require maintenance and careful attention, including taking advantage of new discoveries to improve our daily lives. While scientists continue to explore and understand the role of cGP in the human body, it is possible to take advantage of its benefits to sustain the well-being of your body as well as your brain. Blackcurrants are one of the best natural tools to help you and your family do just that.

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