The Beauty Benefits of Blackcurrant Seed Oil

11 December 2020

Blackcurrants are a natural source of delicious flavor and nutrition that support your immune system, joints, and even your brain. Yet, they also do so much more. Blackcurrants are a natural and health-giving beauty aid that women have used for centuries. However, science is finally catching up with this secret to healthy skin, lustrous hair, and even healthier eyes and brains. A multipurpose beauty and health aid, blackcurrants are a natural source of the nutrients that make every day your best.



Blackcurrant seed oil is an abundant and natural source of gamma linolenic acid (GLA), a natural source of Omega-6 fatty acids. The human body is not able to produce this omega on its own, so it must be consumed through food, specifically seed oils. GLA helps promote new skin growth and acts as a natural moisturizer. Rich in this essential fatty acid,  it promotes firmer, younger-looking skin and is effective in penetrating the skin’s surface.


Blackcurrant oil also helps protect your skin from harmful free radicals. These can be found anywhere and are encouraged by air pollution, alcohol consumption, poor nutrition, UV radiation, and smoking.  In simple terms, free radicals are unstable molecules missing an electron and therefore looking for a place to bond. When they do bond, the result is oxidative stress, a process similar to what happens when a piece of fruit is left on the counter and begins to brown. For your skin, the largest human organ and in many ways the most vulnerable to free radicals, the result is premature aging such as sunspots, dry itchy skin, or wrinkles. Black currant oil helps is one of the best ways to protect yourself from the damage these ever-present molecules can cause.



For all the protection blackcurrant oil offers our skin, it should be no surprise then that it also benefits hair. The same natural moisturizing effect that GLA has on skin also encourages a healthy scalp, which helps stimulate healthy hair growth. A well-moisturized scalp produces healthy and lustrous hair less prone to breakage and split ends.


Another added benefit of blackcurrant seed oil for hair is help with hair loss. A 2015 study in the United Kingdom found that women who took a supplement rich in Omegas -3 and -6 as well antioxidants, both of which are abundant in black currant seed oil,  had improved hair density and a reduction in hair loss after six months. Furthermore, its anti-inflammatory qualities reduce inflammation of hair follicles which also helps prevent and reduce hair loss or baldness. Blackcurrant seed oil gives your hair the chance to grow thicker and stronger than ever before.



Healthy hair and skin also means healthy nails. Our hands are integral to our daily lives and are, other than our faces, perhaps the most exposed parts of our bodies. This exposure to free radicals and the elements leaves them particularly vulnerable to damage, dryness, and blemishes as well as brittle nails.  GLA also works its magic on nails. The balance of nutrients in black currant oil results in nails that are stronger and more flexible.

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