Fire on All Cylinders: 5 Incredible Facts About the Key Brain Nutrient in New Zealand’s Blackcurrants

30 June 2020

It’s no secret that blackcurrants are one of the world’s top superfruits, but did you know that varieties grown in New Zealand are in a league of their own? High levels of the key brain nutrient cyclic Glycine-Proline (cGP) are naturally found in blackcurrants from this region of the world, a unique occurrence that is largely due to New Zealand's mineral-rich soil and strong UV light.

Studies on the effects of cGP consumed through the diet are new. Still, results gathered so far suggest a promising future for the possibilities of plant-based health, especially as they relate to maintenance of the ageing brain’s agility and strength. Here are some of the exciting facts we now know about cGP, the key brain nutrient found in New Zealand’s blackcurrants.

Including cGP in the Diet Can Slow the Onset of Brain Ageing

According to studies conducted by Auckland’s Centre for Brain Research, the cGP present in New Zealand’s blackcurrants could provide life-altering support for the ageing brain and body. Low levels of cGP are linked to accelerated rates of brain ageing, cognitive impairment, and neurodegenerative conditions. While cGP does not have anti-ageing effects, experts agree it could be the key to ageing more gracefully with a smoother memory, higher energy levels, and greater mental clarity. These changes can be felt after just 4-6 weeks of daily supplementation.

Brains of All Ages Need It

All ages require cGP to function optimally. Not only does it protect the brain, but it also encourages healthy brain development, especially in young children. However, what separates a person under 30 from an older adult is their brain’s ability to produce high amounts of cGP naturally. By the age of 30, the brain’s production of cGP begins to decline. It’s at this point in one’s life that a cGP health supplement may become necessary for the maintenance of healthy cognitive function and mental processing.

While individuals under 30 are not in critical need of a cGP supplement, it’s worth noting that many still see benefits. Some of the positive changes reported include easier management of anxiety and better focus.

It Balances Levels of an Important Growth Hormone

Studies have shown that cGP plays an essential role in normalising insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1), the main hormone responsible for brain and body function. Normal levels of IGF-1 lead to healthy bone and tissue development, while low quantities are linked to slow recovery from wounds.

In studies on rats and mice, researchers discovered that the regulation of IGF-1 function by cGP inhibited lymphoma tumors in mice and improved the recovery rate from brain injuries in rats.[1] More studies are needed to determine whether these same positive results can be replicated in humans. However, based on other evidence collected, we can safely conclude that cGP's benefits extend throughout the whole body, not just the brain.

In the Future, Blackcurrant-Sourced cGP May Be Used to Ease Some Neurological Conditions

We’ve established that cGP has the proven power of normalising IGF-1 levels and function. For this reason, there is a high likelihood that blackcurrant-sourced cGP will be used, after further study, to ease the severity of symptoms in conditions linked to a deficiency of available functioning IGF-1.

Let’s take Parkinson’s Disease, one of the world’s most common neurodegenerative conditions, shaped in part by an impaired function of IGF-1. One scientific study demonstrated that people with Parkinson’s Disease score lower in anxiety and depression (Hospital-Associated Scale) after supplementing with cGP-rich blackcurrants [2]. In a different study, phenolic compounds in New Zealand’s blackcurrants were found to block 96% of the enzymes associated with Parkinson’s Disease. This resulted in reduced oxidative stress, essential for healthy cognitive function. [3]

Further confirming the necessity of cGP in Parkinson's patients, a recent research paper discovered that continued low levels of the key brain nutrient led to significantly increased chances of Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) and Dementia within 5 years.

Brain Shield™ is a ‘World First’ in cGP Supplementation

Brain Shield™, a bestseller at Vitality Wellness, is the world’s first and only health supplement known to safely deliver cGP to the human body. Extracted from New Zealand’s blackcurrants, it’s a completely plant-based source of health-boosting nutrients such as cGP, antioxidants, vitamin C, Omega-3 Fatty Acids, and more. Brain Shield™ is grounded in scientific research provided by Auckland’s Centre of Brain Research. Since its launch, it has helped people of all ages and backgrounds rediscover the power of their own brain.

What would you do with a body and mind that fires on all cylinders?

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